Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving... Tardy As Usual

Okay, so I'm a little tardy posting about our day, but it took a little while to recover. We went to our place at LeRustique, and even though our kids and bumpers were sadly unable to make it this year, we had Gma Glo, Aunt S and Uncle L. Gma Glo is a powerful personality, and when she gathers her eldest (Big Daddy) and her youngest (Aunt S) in an enclosed space for an extended period, no telling what family dynamic is going to prevail. And there were plenty of "dynamics" to go around. Every time things got a little edgy, though, Uncle L would make us all laugh by saying in an announcer's voice, "Because that's what families do." You had to be there, but it really did work.

Big Daddy took on the responsibility for doing up the turkey on the Weber grill. Since he's the kind of guy who adheres to the Livin' Large world order, he tried to put twenty pounds of stuff in a thirteen-pound bird..

But overstuffed or not, we had no problem digging into this...

All's well that ends well, and we did have a good time. I think Big Daddy took a few more two-handed pinochle games from his Ma than she took from him, and I know I never won a single game when they coerced me into playing three-handed. Wisely, Aunt S and Uncle L avoid the family pasttime, so they stayed busy making sure we had good roaring fires upstairs and down to keep us warm.

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