Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dropping Out And Dropping Back In...

When I last posted I had no intention of dropping out, not posting again for 3-1/2 months. But for some reason, once a couple weeks passed with no post made, I just couldn't convince myself that anything I was considering posting was blog-worthy.

I follow a number of blogs, and even though I'm still a greenhorn at this, I tend to expect myself to be as good at it as my favorite bloggers. I re-read what I'm about to post - and then I hesitate - and then I walk away thinking, "Okay, I'll rework this tomorrow and spice it up a bit." Well, tomorrow never comes, or if I do rework an item, I often convince myself it's still too boring anyway. Insecure about my writing? Not normally, but apparently the whole permanence/posterity aspect of the web has made me just that.

I wish I could blame it on my childhood. Or better yet, on my brother. That used to work when we were kids. It can't work now, though - after all, he's one of my few readers. So it rests on my shoulders to either drop out altogether or drop back in on a more regular basis.

I think I'll drop back in. And to make it a little easier on myself, I'll stop expecting my posts to compare favorably to those I follow. I think I'll mostly post about our adventures of transitioning from city life toward a completely different life at Le Rustique. I'll leave the deep philosophy - the gorgeous photos - and the laugh-out-loud humor to my favorite bloggers - and maybe over time with lots more practice, I'll just get a little better at all those things.