Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Want This Color!

I want this color! Why do the paint companies and the fabric/yarn companies think that all oranges are  so ORANGE? And why do they think that yellow either resembles a TAXI CAB or a LEMON? I want this color instead!

One of the guest bedrooms at LeRustique is a mix of gray, white, ivory and light, buttery yellow. I've been looking for months for an acceptable fabric for toss pillows and draperies to tie everything together. But because I don't want toddler primary yellow or school bus yellow, the room still has the 1970's version of blue and burgundy stripes that were in the room when we bought the place. I just want a nice mango/orange yellow (like the mango and orange in the picture) fabric and paint to punch up the buttery yellow matelasse spreads on the twin beds.

I even brought home a whole slew of those paint color strips from several manufacturers, and there wasn't one in the bunch that matched this hue. I want to sit on that color board that decides exactly what shades of green, blue, gray, etc., we're going to fall in love with next season. Why don't they just call me?

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