Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas! For the first time in years, we've decorated a real tree. We've always had a festive look to the city house by using a Santa collection, lots of ornaments, Nativity scenes, etc., just no tree. Since we're spending the holidays at Le Rustique this year, it felt only natural to add a tree. And this guy was the most likely candidate.

We've decided that the old corral/holding pen adjacent to the barn will be a great location for a garden. This tree, along with the rest of the debris, has to go. 

So Big Daddy begins the process of clearing the bottom branches in order to save the top 8' for the house. 

And now his favorite sport at Le Rustique - running the chain saw. 

All loaded up into the Mule for its ride to destiny. 

Or maybe this is Big Daddy's favorite sport at Le Rustique - driving the Mule.  

Oops! Too tall.

A little trimming is required. Alas, no chain saw necessary.

Ah, perfect. Who says Red Cedar doesn't make a good Christmas tree?
[Sidebar: Note the rough remainder of the wall that was removed last month. Now the decision must be made whether to fill the house with plaster dust to remove this last two inches, which includes 2x4's and heavy wire mesh, or whether to box it in. Why can't anything be easy?]
 And the bling begins...

That was then, and this is now at first light...  little bitty snow flakes turning to big, fluffy snowflakes. #1Son,  FaveDIL and canine Bumpers arrived from parts East last night, so they're safely tucked in. Here's hoping we don't get too much more snow before #1Daughter, FaveSIL and Bumpers are able to come out on Christmas day. But it is pretty and peaceful, isn't it?

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