Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is it really September already?

I'm not sure where the time has gone since my last post, but I need to adopt some serious time management skills. We're having new windows and siding installed at the house at Le Rustique right now, so I'm finding it hard to do anything but take hundreds of photos each day - and a few ibuprofen. Seriously, I never thought what it would sound like to have five guys pounding on three different sides of your house at once - starting at 6:45 a.m.. Thank God they didn't bring seven guys so they could hit all four sides at once. But here's proof that we needed the new windows:
Mud daubers and red hornets had set up entire housing projects in these old aluminum sliding windows - state of the art back in 1965 when the house was built, but not very practical now. Thank goodness for American-made loE, energy-efficient wood sliding windows. Already the rooms stay cooler and quieter!

To get away from the constant hammering, I took a walk down to our pond to see what Big Daddy accomplished last weekend when I was too allergy-stricken to wander far. (Still am, but anti-histamines are starting to keep up.)
Those cedar posts you see in the water used to have six strands of barbed wire plus a full course of sheep fence attached. Big Daddy has the arthritic hands to prove how hard he worked, as well as the muddy boots, socks and work pants to prove how deep he had to go to take it all down, but I missed that photo op.  Suffice it to say, he worked his ass off, and I appreciate his efforts.