Friday, December 3, 2010

Crops & Cocktails...

To pears and wild persimmons, we can now add turnips to the crops harvested at LeRustique.

Of course we planned none of them. The Bosc pears were from a tree planted by the previous owners, and we nearly cut it down last spring when the little fruit nubbins looked like crab apples. The wild persimmons were a found treasure we accidentally stumbled upon after all the leaves dropped, and we're delighted to report that we have a whole grove of them.

The turnip came from an acre of pasture land we paid a local farmer named Simon to plant as food crop for the wild turkeys and deer that roam freely around our place. Simon told us that, if the turkeys left us any, turnips are good eats when harvested young and sauteed simply in olive oil. Tomorrow morning, we're heading back down there to find a few more so we can saute them for breakfast and check it out for ourselves. Of course, we'll add a bunch of garlic and cracked pepper, because that's how we eat most everything.

This afternoon before dusk, Big Daddy wrangled me and the dogs for an impromptu cocktail party down by the waterfall. A huge pear, a chunk of cheese, some crackers and a bottle of champagne made for a nice end to our version of a farm workday.

That's Lazy, aka Dusty The Trail Dog, in the background just before she realized there was food a little higher up. Before long even Crazy, aka The Princess of Poop (because she only poops where a princess would poop), joined the party to show off her new white sweater.

Just after this picture was taken, she made a sneaky right turn and snagged herself a big-girl sized piece of cheese off the "tablecloth" - which she was delighted to find at her height, finally.

And now, back at the farm house, Big Daddy is grilling some fresh asparagus and wild salmon - neither of which are crops from LeRustique, but I'm guessing they'll go just fine with cocktails.  Bon Appetit!

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  1. How romantic! You and Big Daddy sound like such wonderful, sweet people.


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