Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Soup Season...

Big Daddy's radio came on this morning just as the local NPR announcer was telling us, "It's 18-degrees outside, feels like 6-degrees with the wind chill, and we're expecting only some sunshine with a high of 27-degrees."

Yipes! I hate cold weather. It's the main reason I moved away from my beloved Rocky Mountains twenty-five years ago. The only good things I can say about winter:  it's no longer muggy-humid like August; it's soup season.

I love making soup, and there's usually a pot full of it in our house most days between the first of December and end of February. Last week I made a rustic sweet potato soup. And last night I started thinking about what kind of soup to make today when I remembered the outstanding tortilla soup I had at Mi Tierra last month while visiting a friend in San Antonio. In fact, the memory of that taste-treat sensation made me get out the soup pot right then. And, voila, this was breakfast.

BTW, if you're going to be in San Antonio anytime this month, check out Mi Tierra's Christmas decorations. They are outrageously big and beautiful! That's a real violin hanging amongst the ornaments, and what you can't see in this photo are the full-sized mariachi sombreros all around this tree. And all year long, the whole huge restaurant is full of lights hanging from every inch of the ceiling. Don't miss it!

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