Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It' A Dilly...

Just down the road from LeRustique, we ran into this dilly. Well, we didn't really run into it. Someone else had, and obviously just moments before our arrival. Of course Big Daddy wanted photo documentation.
Doesn't he look weird - and alive?
But, alas, he had spilled his guts.

I think he must have been on his way to a much-needed mani/pedi, and he was so 
excited about it that he didn't look both ways before crossing the road.

 And apparently he woke up with a really stiff neck. But now that it's all over for him, 
why doesn't he just put his little head down and get some much needed rest?

All kidding aside, it's worrisome finding out that armadillas have already migrated into the wooded areas of central Missouri. I wonder if that's what's been eating so many turtles on our property. Scientists have confirmed that armadillas can transmit leprosy to humans, and thankfully we had just read this article -

- or no doubt Big Daddy would have insisted on keeping this guy for posterity. It really is a dilly, isn't it? Or is it a doozy?


  1. Aww, I can't help but be sad about this:( Was it dead? Because it looks alive and hurt

  2. Poor guy .... But I'm happy for your turtles if that is what he's been feasting on ....


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