Friday, June 3, 2011

All's Right With Our Wild World...

In late May our game camera at LeRustique caught a sight that both surprised and thrilled us. Surprises included (1) that a doe would bring her fawn to a fairly open spot at 5:49 p.m. and (2) that so many ticks are visible on the back of the doe's ears. The thrills I hope you can feel for yourself.

Two nights later, as we were sitting out on our deck listening to the sounds of the forest, we heard an extended and strange crying/moaning coming from the farthest reaches of our land. Apparently something that sounded like a small deer was being killed, and the process was long and painful. Our first thought was that "our" little fawn had met disaster.  We were so sad thinking of the loss, and we even kept an eye out for evidence as we hiked around our property the next day.

But thankfully we were wrong about just what animal had lost its life. How do we know for sure? Because five days later the same game camera snapped this image. More surprise and more thrills! And all seems right with our wild world.


  1. What a neat tool to have a game camera around! Somehow the picture of sitting outside enjoying the forest just made me that much calmer in an already hectic morning.

  2. It's not hard to get attached to such sweet creatures. I'm glad your little fawn is safe and sound!

  3. fun....we used to have a critter cam, too and found the most fantastic photos on it !!

    thanks for the smoothie ideas !!

    ps....we used to live in chesterfield :)

  4. It could actually have been the doe giving birth. I had fallen asleep on the dock at LB's property, awoke to a similar noise, and saw a doe giving birth.

  5. Deborah, I never thought about "fawnbirth" being likely for the moaning, but it's surely possible. With sound that carries like this did, it's a wonder it doesn't call every coyote within miles. In the year since we've been using game cameras, we've only spotted one coyote - thankfully.

    And Beth, Wisconsin's gain is surely Chesterfield and the greater STL-metro area's loss!


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