Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My New Ride...

Oh, man, this is so embarrassing. Last time I posted, I put up a photo of my souped-up Harley-Davidson DynaWideGlide which I sold to make room for more utile toys. I promised to post a photo of my "replacement" ride - and then one thing after another went wrong with the photos, the photographer, the camera, and the new ride itself. So much time passed dealing with those things, that the whole topic seemed moot, but quite a few of you let me know you were anxiously awaiting to see whether I got a horse for LeRustique, a Moped for the city, or even a new car (you should have known that was a silly guess!).

The reality is actually quite anti-climactic. I got a riding mower, a well-used and supposedly refurbished riding mower. I used it once for practicing all around the house. It got the job done, but things weren't right with it. Nothing that a trip to the small-engine hospital wouldn't fix, but that in itself posed a problem since we have no pickup truck or trailer yet, and the thing is just a little too big to drive into the back of the Tahoe. On the day the neighbor left her truck for us to haul it in, the mower wouldn't even start. And then the battery to the neighbor's truck died. And the whole sad story just goes downhill from there. But I did get a couple pictures of it just after my practice mowing session and just before my camera lens decided to follow the lead of all things mechanical in our lives and stick halfway between open and closed.

So, if you're still interested, here's how you know when you're an aging baby boomer... you trade 1580 cc's of screamin' hot big-girl bike for this:


  1. You poor thing. This had to be a difficult trade. Sorry about all the trouble you had. Isn't that the way it goes though. Nothing is easy it seems.

  2. Actually, it wasn't such a bad trade. I had lots of good years riding the big bike, and with the purchase of LeRustique, I just never rode anymore. I was ready to make the switch. The huge dollar differential will be put to good use somewhere around here!

  3. I with you on this one!! This baby can do some hard work as you enjoy the free. You made an marvelous change in your life.


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