Monday, January 10, 2011

Strange Sky...

I love the shows put on by Mother Nature! The other day at Le Rustique the wind picked up, and the sky did some strange stuff. First, everything outside got a sepia-ish cast to it as the sun tried to burn through the already gray sky. [BTW, this same ground had at least three-inches of snow on it for Christmas weekend, less than a week before.]

Then the wind quickly blew in some black, wispy clouds about halfway between the far western sky and the ground.

The wind, eerily silent, blew the clouds racing by the sun, which had finally burned a patch of blue through the gray. The sky went from dark to light to dark again, all in less than five minutes.

And then things turned very dark just as the thunder gave a brief, but loud, announcement of the rainstorm to follow. About that time, Big Daddy and LazyDog came rushing out of the woods with a load of wood in the back of the Mule and hurried to park in the garage to keep from getting soaked. Alas, no video to illustrate that event, since I was running back into the house to keep from getting soaked myself.


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